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Welcome to Psyched for the Future! This summer, the 2021 interns decided to take on a special project: creating their own original podcast. During their internship, these college students have the opportunity to hear from experts in the field of psychology who share their knowledge about approaching this daunting career path. They have learned valuable information and advice for succeeding in psychology graduate programs that often go unheard by undergraduate students. Thus, the idea to create a podcast that allows mentorship in psychology careers to be widely accessible was born. In each episode, they will be interviewing professionals and students from the field who will share their experiences, passions, and advice for the next generation of psychology enthusiasts. Whether you are a psychology student or just interested in learning something new, we hope you enjoy!

Featured Episode: Steven Kurtz, Ph.D., ABPP

There are few learning methods that beat the power of story.

Listen to this episode of Psyched for the Future to hear the esteemed clinical psychologist, Dr. Steven Kurtz, share his wisdom, advice, and captivating personal anectodes. Interview by ATSA Summer Intern, John Fioravanti, University of Michigan.

Dr. Kurtz is an internationally recognized expert in child psychology. He is one of only 21 certified Master Trainers in Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT) and the founder of numerous intensive treatment programs, such as: Brave Buddies, Mighty Mouth Camp, and Capstone.


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