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Consultation is a great way to continue your professional development. While professional conferences and webinars are definitely a must for those wanting to stay current with treatments, consultations provide a more intimate 1:1 relationship that caters to your specific needs as a provider. ATSA specialists provide guidance on treating anxiety, ranging from discussing evidence-based treatments to understanding the nuances of your specific patient’s anxiety and how it manifests, and considerations on the application of treatments. Evidence-based treatment is more than just following a protocol; there is an art in applying an intervention, coupled with individual differences in patients. Many times, consulting with an experienced colleague can help you access and hone your artistic delivery of your interventions for your patients. 


Early - Mid Career Professionals

Consultation is available to help with starting a practice, guidance with logistics, working with anxiety disorders in a private practice setting, guidance on helping patients with their insurance reimbursement (especially for out-of-network care), and mentorship.

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Experienced Professionals

Discuss a challenging case, get a new perspective, consider additional hypotheses, discuss adjunct therapy options to support the treatment of your patients.

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"I kept in contact with Dr. Lynas who has provided invaluable consultation over the years. Dr Lynas’ expertise has allowed me to deepen my understanding of SM and support not only children and families but also professionals. Her enthusiasm is contagious. By consulting with Dr. Lynas I have been able to understand children’s unique challenges across settings (home, school, and community)."
- Olga Silva-Zletz, PhD., LCPC
Bilingual (Spanish/English) Therapist

Selective Mutism Training with Adventure Camp

Free hands-on training for educators and therapists wanting to learn how to prompt and reinforce verbal behaviors in children with selective mutism.

Adventure Camp Counselor Training

"I strongly urge anyone to please, definitely, get into this program because it just provides so much as a clinician, and I've taken so much away from it."
- School Social Worker


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