Adjunct Services

If you’re a treating professional providing exposure therapy for your patients and ever thought, “If only I could spend an extra hour with them” or “If only I could travel to their home,” then you may be interested in learning about our adjunct services.

Who are we?

Advanced Therapeutic Solutions for Anxiety (ATSA) provides outpatient services to children, adolescents, and adults coping with anxiety and OCD. Treatment begins with a diagnostic interview, at least one session in the clinic setting (and if applicable, a school observation for child patients), and a feedback session where treatment options are discussed.  

What do we do?

We provide specialized exposure therapy to treat phobias and OCD. Our treatment approach is tailored to each individual, as phobias manifest differently in different patients. We utilize exposure with response prevention (ERP) to lead to new learning and to deepen fear extinction. 

What makes us different?

As an out-of-network specialist provider, we are able to go beyond the therapy room with our patients. We initially begin sessions in the clinic, but we often move into the home or the community for exposures. Additionally, some conditions (e.g., specific phobia, selective mutism, OCD) often have a prohibitively long warm-up period which makes a 45-min session a challenge since the majority of time is spent warming up. At ATSA we are able to offer intensive services which range from 3-6 hours in duration and have shown to be a more effective form of treatment for phobias. In many cases, intensive treatment doses accelerate recovery.

Where does ATSA fit into your patient’s overall treatment?

ATSA can serve as a short-term adjunct to your current therapy with your patient, where you would retain the role as the primary therapist and handle issues beyond the symptom(s) that ATSA is treating. If you are currently unable to provide off-site therapy appointments, or can’t provide longer therapy sessions due to in-network provider limitations, that is where ATSA can fill that need. Coming together as united professionals to help an individual maximize their insurance benefits and break through their avoidance pattern has been mutually rewarding. We are happy to coordinate care with other providers and look forward to collaborating on treatment. 

Adjunct services include:

  • Intensive selective mutism treatments
  • Intensive OCD treatments
  • Specialized group therapies (e.g., Social Exposure Groups in the community)
  • Parent-Child Interaction Therapy Adapted for Selective Mutism (PCIT-SM)
  • Extension of services into the home, school, or community settings

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