Current Patients

Intake Process

You will receive the following:

  • Confirmation email - This will be sent to the email you provided Intake over the phone, and include the scheduled dates of your/your child’s intake sessions

  • Theranest Client Portal Invitation - This is the program ATSA uses for scheduling and paperwork. If there are any patient documents that we need completed, we will send you an electronic copy through this portal. Please note that the paperwork MUST be completed as soon as possible.

**Please Note: If the paperwork is not completed prior to your Diagnostic Evaluation start time, the clinician can not begin, and the time spent on paperwork will cut into your evaluation time.**

  • Email with Survey Monkey Clinical Measures - In most cases, your/your child's clinician will request that you/your child complete clinical measures prior to the scheduled Diagnostic Evaluation. The Intake Coordinators will send you an email with links for Survey Monkey Clinical measures via the email you provided over the phone. Note that you/your child’s Record Number is needed to complete the measures; contact the Intake Coordinators, 630-230-6505, if you are unsure what your/your child’s Record Number is.

After the Intake is Completed

You will receive an invitation to:

  • Citrix ShareFile - This HIPAA-secure program allows you to login to access your/your child’s billing information and retrieve your statements at your convenience. ATSA provides CMS 1500 forms instead of invoices as CMS 1500 forms are standardized forms that most insurance will accept. This allows patients to be reimbursed as efficiently as possible. After every session, the CMS form will automatically be uploaded to your ShareFile Folder, and you will receive an email notification. ATSA can also share any documents containing confidential patient information (i.e. Letter of Diagnosis, treatment plans, insurance letters, etc.) by sending you a HIPAA-secure link to download the documents from your ShareFile folder.


Moving Forward with Treatment

You will continue to use:

  • Theranest Client Portal - Any future documents, such as Authorization to Release Information or Camp Registration paperwork will be sent electronically to you through this portal

  • ShareFile - All insurance/CMS forms or documents containing confidential patient information will be sent to you via HIPAA-secure link to download from ShareFile.

  • RightSignature - Theranest Client Portal only allows ATSA to send forms to the patient/parent, so we use RightSignature for any forms that need multiple signatures, such as signatures of the patients’ extended family members or other providers. You will receive an email from RightSignaure with an attachment to electronically sign the document.

Here is a description of the programs that ATSA will use throughout your/your child’s journey.

Please contact ATSA Intake Coordinators with any questions, 630-230-6505.