School FAQs

  • What’s the difference between an in-service training and a district-approved consultation?
    • In-service trainings are typically half day or full day trainings for an audience, typically for the whole district. District-approved consultations are for a smaller audience, typically to work with an IEP team to support a specific student. Sometimes, districts will contract for an in-service to provide district-wide training, followed by district-approved consultations as a follow up to work more closely with the IEP team in support of their student. For example, a district-wide in-service training about selective mutism may be followed up with ongoing district-approved consultation to address the intervention needs of a student with SM.


  • How much does an in-service training or consultation cost?
    • Cost ranges from hourly (district-approved consultations) to a flat rate for half day or full-day in-service training. Since we also tailor our trainings to meet your needs, cost will vary. Fill out this form (insert link) to receive an estimate.


  • Do you provide early childhood in-service trainings?
    • Yes, we provide trainings on early childhood anxiety, how anxiety may manifest in early childhood, the types of anxieties often seen in early childhood, and ways in which educators can support an approach-coping style (instead of anxious avoidance), even in very young children.


  • Do you do trainings on other child/adolescent issues?
    • As anxiety specialists, we do our trainings on anxiety, but there are also issues related to anxiety, such as school refusal, which we also cover. Just fill out the form (insert link) and select the topics you are interested in, or add a specific topic in the additional comments section. If it is a topic that is out of our scope, we will provide you with referrals.


  • I have a student with selective mutism. What should I do?
    • Start with talking to your special education director to check the possibility of having ATSA providing an in-service training at your district. In the meantime, check into other resources that are available online, such as Steven Kurtz, Ph.D.’s Selective Mutism Learning University free online training. The training will give you a foundation of what you can start doing now to help your student. Also peruse the Selective Mutism Association website, which has lots of resources for educators, especially a great FAQs for educators.


  • Do you present to parents? Students?
    • Yes, we can provide presentations on anxiety for a parent audience or student audience. Fill out the form (insert link) and indicate what topics you are interested in.