Courage Club Holidays

For a child with selective mutism, the holidays with extended family and friends may be a confusing time. There's an excitement to see those they love and who love them, but an inability to verbally engage with them.

Extended family may also feel confused when the child doesn't speak to them, despite the numerous attempts and reassurance. Sometimes it can feel very overwhelming for the child, and they may become emotionally dysregulated as a result.

This can make the holiday time a stressful and disappointing experience.

Selective mutism is an anxiety disorder; it is a failure to speak despite having the ability to speak. Kids with selective mutism typically speak at home and other places with their immediate family, but fall mute in the presence of others, even though they may be very familiar with them, such as extended family members.

The good news is that selective mutism is treatable. At ATSA, we provide Parent-Child Interaction Therapy adapted for Selective Mutism. Our Courage Club - Holidays group therapy is just one example of the exposure-based programs we provide. Courage Club - Holidays focuses on preparing your child to engage with family so they can have a wonderful holiday time!

Courage Club Holidays

Designed to foster the generalization of verbal and social skills in a peer group setting, this unique group also prepares children to engage with extended family and friends for the holiday season!

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