COVID-19 Current Safety Procedures

ATSA is keeping an eye on the Restore Illinois Plan as well as the Chicagoland Emergency Travel Order.

Safety Procedures in Response to COVID-19

ATSA Procedures Last updated 11/10/2020

We continue to provide in-person and telehealth therapy options, and, as of Nov 2020, we will be moving forward with Winer Adventure Camp 2021 and Adventure Camp 2021 at ATSA. To ensure the safety of our patients, families, and ATSA staff, the following procedures are in place. These procedures are derived from the Center of Disease Control and Prevention, the Illinois Department of Public Health, the DuPage County Health Department and other government guidelines.

ATSA will continue to limit the number of people inside the clinic and enforce safety guidelines through the following proactive measures:

When you Arrive at ATSA:

  • Call 630-230-6505 upon arrival and wait in your car until ATSA staff informs you to enter the building.
  • Individuals MUST wear a mask when entering the clinic.
  • We ask that only necessary people enter the suite, having siblings and other family members stay home if possible.
  • Doors will be propped open to reduce the need to touch door handles.
    • The only door that will close is the black door between the therapy rooms and waiting room to ensure the privacy of our patients.
  • Hand sanitizer is available upon entering the suite. Please note that the building has automatic hand sanitizer pumps throughout.
  • Your and your child’s temperature will be taken at arrival.
  • Parents need to sign our “COVID-19 Acknowledgement Form,” PRIOR to their in-person session. This form acknowledges that neither the patient nor anyone in the patient’s household has knowingly been exposed to COVID-19 or has had COVID-like symptoms within the last 14 days.

Therapy Sessions, Lead-In Sessions, and Adventure Camps

  • All adults will be wearing face masks throughout Therapy Sessions, Lead-Ins, and Adventure Camps.
  • Adult and children's temperatures and symptom screener will be conducted before each outpatient Therapy Session.
  • All ATS staff, Counselor, and Camper temperatures will be taken at the beginning of each Lead-In session and at the beginning Winter Adventure! Camp day and daily at Adventure Camp.
  • Patients are to bring their face masks to all appointments. If they forget theirs, we will have extras available.
  • During Therapy Sessions, including Lead-In sessions, Parents are to return to their cars to wait rather than waiting in our waiting room (exceptions will be made based on treatment needs).
  • Cleaning time to properly sanitize and rotate supplies will be scheduled into both Therapy Sessions, Lead-Ins, Winter Adventure, and Adventure Camp protocols.
  • For Winter Adventure! and Adventure Camp, drop-off and pick-up will continue to occur outside in a designated drop-off/pick-up area.

While we understand that these changes make sessions a bit more tedious, please understand that we are working hard to comply with not only following government regulations, but also ensuring the safety of our patients, families, and staff. We will continue to monitor the recommendations from the IDPH and update our protocol as needed. We believe that moving forward with these new procedures is the best way to continue provide treatment services while keeping our community safe and healthy. Thank you for your support, and we look forward to “using our brave” together!

How do we get from Tier 3 Mitigations to Phase 4, then Phase 5?

Illinois made it to Phase 4 in June 2020, allowing us to resume in-person sessions, including Adventure Camp intensive treatment. Then the rise of COVID infections in the fall 2020 led to the Tier Mitigations to address the resurgence. Let's get back back on track! Click here to learn what it means to get to Phase 5.

Status of Each Region as of 2/5/2021 - All regions moved from Tier 3 Mitigations to Phase 4! Keep it up, IL! Let's get to Phase 5!

See Table below from the Restore Illinois Plan

Region Guidelines Mitigation Measures
Region 1 Phase 4 guidance effective Jan 25th. n/a
Region 2 Phase 4 guidance effective Jan 25th. n/a
Region 3 Phase 4 guidance effective Jan 18. n/a
Region 4 Phase 4 guidance effective Feb 4th. n/a
Region 5 Phase 4 guidance effective Jan 18th. n/a
Region 6 Phase 4 guidance effective Jan 21st. n/a
Region 7 Phase 4 guidance effective Feb 1st. n/a
Region 8 Phase 4 guidance effective Feb 3rd. n/a
Region 9 Phase 4 guidance effective Feb 3rd. n/a
Region 10 Phase 4 guidance effective Feb 2nd. n/a
Region 11 Phase 4 guidance effective Jan 31st. n/a


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