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ATSA In-service trainings are typically offered as a full-day or half-day training, depending on the topic. Full-day in-service trainings include didactics and application of skills (e.g., selective mutism in-service), whereas half-day in-service trainings include didactics only (e.g., early childhood anxiety). In-service trainings are typically delivered to large audiences.

Our featured in-service training:

Selective Mutism Basics for Educational Professionals

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand selective mutism (SM) as an anxiety disorder
  • Understand the nature/nurture component of SM and impact on learning
  • Learn and apply Child-Directed Interaction (CDI)
  • Learn and apply Verbal-Directed Interaction (VDI)
  • Develop educational goals using strategies to increase student success
  • Understand how to incorporate methods into daily educational curriculum

Learning Outcomes:

  • Participants will be able to recognize SM symptoms
  • Participants will be able to apply strategies from the in-service immediately with all their students (not just SM students)
  • Participants will have a better understanding of the nature/nurture influences of anxiety and avoidance, and will have more awareness of the implications of “rescuing”
  • Participants will be able to develop educational goals that reduce rescuing and increase student success
  • Participants will learn about additional resources available to support student with SM, as well as other conditions that may impact learning.

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In-Service Training Topics

  • Selective Mutism Basics for Educational Professionals
  • Addressing Anxiety in Early Childhood
  • When to Worry About Your Students' Worry
  • Tools and Strategies for Supporting Your Students' Anxiety in the Classroom 
  • Behavior Management in Schools/At Home
  • Addressing Other Anxieties Commonly Experienced by Anxious Children/Teens (i.e., separation anxiety, bathroom issues, or eating phobias)
  • Need something else? ATSA offers customized training tailored to the needs of your school/staff. Please fill out the "REQUEST A TRAINING" Form below and an ATSA member will reach out to you!

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Do you believe your student has selective mutism? Are you unsure how to help? 

Students with Selective Mutism may...

  • Seem excessively shy
  • Appear frozen, stuck, or unsure when surrounded by peers
  • Grunt or make noises to communicate rather than talk
  • Gesture, point, nod or shake their head but not talk
  • Be difficult to assess in the area of academic achievement due their inability to speak

Does your student meet criteria for selective mutism?

  • Does your student display a consistent failure to speak in specific social situations where speaking is expected?
  • Does your student speak well in other situations, especially at home?
  • Does your student's inability to speak interfere significantly with educational achievement or social communication?
  • Has your student's failure to speak lasted at least one month and not just during the first month of school?

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