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Understanding Exposures and Extinction Learning in Selective Mutism - Carmen Tumialan Lynas, Ph.D. - STAR NET Event

Wednesday, November 9, 6:30pm-8:00pm Central Time - Selective mutism (SM) is a failure to speak when speaking is expected (e.g., school and public settings) despite having the ability to speak. Children with selective mutism are often very chatty at home and then become uncharacteristically quiet in school or in public. Conceptualized as an anxiety disorder, SM is essentially a fear of speaking in specific settings. Exposure tasks (e.g., speaking exposures) can be effective in reducing mutism and increasing speaking across people, places, and activities by activating extinction learning. Extinction learning is a process whereby a new association between the expectation to speak and the absence of the feared aversive outcome is formed, weakening the association between speaking and fear. When working with your child with selective mutism, it may help to understand the extinction learning process behind doing speaking exposures so that, as a parent, you can understand how to maximize extinction learning and keep the new learning accessible for your child’s continued growth and generalization of speaking across people, places, and activities.

Selective Mutism Training with Adventure Camp
Friday, June 16, 2023 & Saturday, June 17, 2023 - Free hands-on training for educators and therapists wanting to learn how to prompt and reinforce verbal behaviors in children with selective mutism. If you are an educator or a health provider, you can earn 12.5 ISBE or IDFPR credits through ATSA's Adventure Camp program for children with selective mutism. This short-term program is ideal for those looking to gain time-limited hands-on training in working with a student with selective mutism. Join ATSA in our cause to spread awareness and address limited resources for those coping with selective mutism. Join ATSA’s mission to spread awareness about selective mutism and reduce the shortage of effective treatment available to children and families coping with SM.

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