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Level 4 Group Intensive

Group Therapy for Tweens & Teens Intensive is another advanced intermediary outpatient group at ATSA. Delivered as a half-day (e.g., 9:15am - 12:15pm) group therapy over three consecutive days provides a short-term option that can better meet busy tweens and teens' schedule while giving them an effective dose of intensive therapy. The group provides cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) to teens and tweens coping with anxiety. Therapeutic goals include increasing knowledge about the relationship between brain and behavior, increasing mindfulness of how one reacts to stress/anxiety, increasing emotional regulation, and learning how to identify and apply adaptive coping instead of anxious avoidance.

Learning in a group of other tweens and teens with similar experiences will allow your tween/teen to see they are not alone. Feeling a part of a group is important for a preadolescent's/adolescent's social development, ego development, and identity formation. For children with a history of selective mutism and/or social anxiety, or other anxieties that impact confidence, socializing with peers can be challenging, especially in a culture where more quiet personalities are often misunderstood. Gaining a better understanding of anxiety and how to cope effectively can help your tween/teen feel more prepared to face the challenges of adolescence.

The group is considered Level 4 in our group therapy hierarchy at ATSA. Click here to learn more about our group therapies and levels. 


The prerequisites for Level 4 groups are as follows:

  • Demonstrates the ability to separate from parent(s) for individual therapy sessions and group therapy sessions.
  • If tween/teen has a current or past diagnosis of selective mutism, they:
    • Must have completed sessions at ATSA within the last three months, including at least one peer session (1:1 Tween/Teen to Therapist ratio) or group session (1:3 Tween/Teen to Therapist ratio), or community session (1:1 Tween/Teen to Therapist ration).
    • Demonstrates the ability to respond verbally directly to Group Therapist.


Readiness for this group can be demonstrated by the following:

In the Past 6 months:

  • Previous experience in a lower level group therapy (e.g., Courage ClubSocial Thinking Group, etc. at ATSA) is an indicator of readiness for this advanced group
  • Has previous experience in other group activities (either in therapy groups or in extracurricular activities) within the last 6 months where both separation from parent and verbal communication were evident.
  • Has participated in Adventure Camp or Winter Adventure (1:1 Camper to Counselor ratio)
  • Has participated in level 5 Social Exposures Group (1:5 ratio) at ATSA

If you are not sure if your child meets these prerequisites, talk it over with your child's therapist. If it has been over three months since your child has been in treatment at ATSA, then a refresher session may be necessary to reacquaint your child. If it has been over six months since your child has been in treatment at ATSA, your child will need to complete an intake evaluation. If your child has never received treatment at ATSA, and you think this group is ideal for your child's needs, please contact ATSA at 630-230-6505 to set up an intake evaluation or click here to request an appointment.

What to Expect

3-hr sessions for three days  = 9 total hours of therapy

2.5-hr sessions for four days = 10 hours of therapy

Responding to feedback from parents and busy tweens/teens, this intensive CBT program runs as three days or four days. For example, the June 2023 group runs 9:15am-12:15pm on Tues, Wed, and Thurs. For upcoming dates and times, look under "When" on this page.


Click to register and see the most current associated fees. Unlike our other groups, there is no Preview Session. It is expected that individuals who meet the prerequisites, a preview session will not be needed to determine readiness for the group. If you cancel before the first session, you will be refunded for the full fee amount less a $35 administrative fee.





Just added!

June 26, 27, 28, 29 3pm-5:30pm

June 26, 27, 28, 29 6pm-8:30pm

If you have any problems with registration, contact or call 630-230-6505.


ATSA Group Room, 600 W 22nd Street, Suite 250, Oak Brook, IL



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